Electorate Mobilization

How can you be an active citizen?

Community Organizing

A guide for citizens to take collective action against pollution and destruction t build a better world: ACF_Community_toolkit_Fix_the_system_web.pdf

Active Electorate Groups

See Salter 2020: A third domain of political engagement

See the Active Democracy Australia site for more information on setting up and running electorate action groups / active electorate groups.

Citizens Parliamentary Groups

Oliver Dowlen has proposed standing electorate groups to work with their MP: 1) by ensuring that the MP adheres to the agreed code of parliamentary conduct 2) by acting as a link between the MP and the wider constituency 3) by making sure that issues of grave public concern receive proper parliamentary attention. The NewDemocracy Australia project proposal brief is here and Dowlen’s full paper is here.

Connecting to Parliament

Connecting to Parliament is an initiative of the University of Canberra Centre for Deliberative Democracy to trial a citizens jury minipublic model in the federal electorates in the ACT to assist MPs connect with citizens to discuss topics currently before or being assessed as being put up to parliament.

The Canberra Forum: ‘Another way of listening’

CAPaD in collaboration with DemocracyCo and Alicia Payne, ALP member for the ACT federal electorate of Canberra, is proposing in 2022 to hold a series of minipublic events to explore another way of MPs and citizens working together for the public good. The idea is described in this Canberra Times article.

Last Update: 29/06/2022
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