Models and theories of change

What other groups are active on change to strengthen democracy?

Transformative change

How to talk about democratic reform: a guide to changing the story: A research conducted by an alliance of Australian civil society organizations led by the Australian Conservation foundation to help understand effectively about government, democratic participation and reform.

This handbook collects, curates and distributes the key lessons and resources of progressive movement around Australia and across the globe: The Commons is a social change library.

Essentials of Social Innovation – Articles, a starter kit for leaders of change beginning to explore social innovation.

The Asset based community development (ABCD) is a brief description of the Asset-based community development approach.

The Common Cause Handbook: a practical accessible introduction to the importance of values and frames for organisations working for change.

The Change Agency has a wealth of relevant resources. Their People Power Manual {$} and the associated course are the front door to activism, and there is so much more useful information and resources on that site.

Oxfam Australia Theory of Change: youth participation and leadership handbook. … a starting point to help guide strategies for collective impact, by specifically considering youth inclusion.

The book Engler M, Engler P. This is an Uprising: how non-violent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century. New York: Bold Type books; 2017 is a useful source of ideas for effecting change. [Hard copy sorry; you’ll have to buy the book or go to a library, although CAPaD has a copy it could loan out].

The book by George Lakoff, Don’t Think of an Elephant (Scribe Short Books, Melbourne, 2006, ISBN 1-920769-45-5) is another foundational read on the importance of framing. [Hard copy sorry; you’ll have to buy the book or go to a library].

Netchange Consulting helps innovators in important social change institutions integrate new models of organizing and mobilizing to grow influence, raise funds, build power, and strengthen movements.” Their Networked Change Report is gold.

Otto Scharmer’s U.Lab courses, books and programs for transformational change on his website.

The Frank Fenner Foundation Transforming Cultures: theory, methods and practice is a web-book overview of transformational change. This is now a web book in this Resources Hub.


Incremental change

Innovative citizen participation and new democratic institutions explores the reasons and routes for including deliberative practices into public institutions a way of giving citizens a more meaningful role in policies affecting their life

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