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Deliberate ACT

Academics, community organisations and the ACT government explore how citizens and governments can better deliberate, decide and collaborate. The purpose was to try to establish a deliberative community of practice in the ACT. An overview can be found at DeliberateACT-A year in review results.

Deliberate ACT meetings

Each Meet-up was conducted by facilitators who introduce the purpose of the meeting, discuss recent events/groups started to improve democracy and then discuss their findings or learnings.

Recap, Meet-up 1 & 2: establishing ground rules and the purpose of deliberate ACT

Recap, Meet-up 3
Citizen juries on compulsory third party insurance and citizens jury evaluation principles.

Recap, Meet-up 4:Trust in deliberative processes.

Recap, Meet-up 5:Deliberative Engagement — Presentation by Professor Janette Hartz-Karp
Recap, Meet-up 6:Presentations from the University of Canberra’s Centre for Global Governance and Deliberative Democracy

Recap, Meet-up 7:Deliberative design: A rear window view from the ACT

Recap, Meet-up 8
Principles/Criteria for the Trial of Citizens’ Juries in the ACT
CAPaD Learnings from the ACT Deliberative Processes

Recap, Meet-up 9: Youth Engagement with Democracy — opportunities, competencies and challenges.

Recap, Meet-up 10: Deliberating Well: What skills and attributes you need to get the most out of deliberation, in an interactive and practical way.

Recap, Meet-up 11: Deliberating Well — What conditions are needed?

Last Update: 27/05/2021
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