CAPaD’s theory of change

Our theory of change

CAPaD seeks to harness the power of ordinary people to work with government to achieve responsive, accountable and transparent public policy and implementation, to change the current dynamic of powerful political parties, vested interests and deliberately confusing public information which result in community disengagement from politics.

We do this by promoting discussions among people in the community about how to get good government, advocating for deliberative methods such as citizen juries and citizen assemblies, and helping community members identify people who will represent them well and govern with them.

Allies in Change

Alliance building: Allies include individuals and groups that aim to start movements to improve democracy.

A handbook for community organizing, creating a community project, change, participation and deliberation: The citizens handbook.

Social Change Training focuses on building community capacity for social change by working with ACT organizations to identify training needs and he to arrange that training .

Last Update: 07/05/2021
CAPaDs Theory Of Change
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