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Hare Clark System


The Hare Clark system of voting


The text explains the definition principles and processes of Hare Clark voting in Australia and specifically the ACT

set of resources available by the legislative assembly on elections
DACT election resources

Theoretical understanding of general elections: Is democracy possible?
The ACT electoral commission general fact sheet

The Hare Clark voting system with relation to the ACT

A ACT labor, ACT Greens Parliamentary agreement on party commitment to represent the people of ACT in a transparent manner.

A detailed report on the ACT assembly

Additional video resources

What electorate am I in?:ACT election boundaries

A set of educational video on ACT elections: voting in ACT legislative assembly election under ACT

Last Update: 13/04/2022
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2 responses to “Hare Clark System”

  1. The Hare Clark system is hardly used in the world. Four countries? Why not?

    Please have a look at this Facebook Page

    Contact me if you wan to talk about it: Klaas Woldring Ph. D. 02 4341 5170

    • Peter Tait says:

      g’day Klaas,
      good FB page. We seem to be on parallel journeys. I’m just about to go away for 4 weeks, so this site is going to go quiet for that time.
      The Canberra Alliance secretary email is a frequently checked comms channel.
      Peter Tait

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