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The workings of the Australian Government

The text explains the key workings of the Federal government. It digs deeper into the types and forms of legislative, executive and judiciary systems in Australia that play a key role in identifying, updating and developing laws consistent with the community idea of democracy.

Federal Government- Executive

How is the Federal government formed identifies the two houses in Federal Parliament while explaining how each house is elected and put into power


State and territory

How is the Federal government formed : General information designed for schools which is a neat summary; from the NSW Parliament. Applies generically for all Australian parliaments.



Referendum: How is the Federal government formed
The AEC is an independent statutory body that is responsible for the referendum machinery used to alter constitution


General information

Peacock Politics Adam Peacock asks politicians and leading commentators to cut the crap and to explain simply how the Australian political system functions, why it was set up the way it was and if they think it needs an overhaul. Here or your favourite podcast app.

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