To achieve CAPaD's aim of trusted, accountable representatives engaging the community in decision making and defending the public interest, we believe that one key element of this is choosing candidates who will work with the community in governing.

Trends in Democracy

This category includes

  • Trends in satisfaction related to democracy and governance
  • Identified areas of change

How can we help our Representatives work for us better?

This category includes

  • Governing with the people
  • improving accountability
  • Electing better representatives

How can you make government work for you and your community?

How can you be an active citizen?

This category includes

  • Role of citizens and the community
  • Resources for being active
  • Community organizing
  • Electorate mobilization

How can you make your Democracy stronger?

This category includes

  • How can you make your vote help make democracy stronger?
  • How can people help make government policy?
  • How can people inform government decisions?