Promoting action to Awaken Democracy

We want to help people to take action themselves to improve democracy or to join CAPaD in our activity to make change.

How does change happen?


This category includes:

  1. Models and Theories of Change
  2. Advocacy

What is CAPaD doing to make change happen?


This category includes:

  1. CAPaD's theory of change
  2. Better representatives
  3. Active communities
  4. CAPaD created material
  5. CAPaD in the media
  6. Participating citizens


What are other groups doing?


This category includes:

  1. Electoral reform
  2. Political funding reform
  3. Strengthen accountability
  4. Political party reform
  5. Voting reform
  6. Participatory reform
  7. Federation reform
  8. Establish community democracy.

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What can you do?


This category includes:

  1. Become involved in CAPaD activity
  2. Join another groups activity
  3. Start your own activity
  4. Genuine citizen participation
  5. Deliberate ACT and meet-ups reports
  6. Getting the best out of government

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