Participating Citizens

Participating citizens

Being an Active Citizen kit is an information kit to guide how to be an active citizen.

The Genuine Citizen Participation page and the CAPaD Activity page on the Main CAPaD site has some ideas from past activity.

CAPaD’s Genuine Engagement Tool provides a way for communities to reflect on how well their representatives are engaging with them. Please download it, use this, acknowledge the source and feedback to us how you went with using it.

How to Citizen. Imagine citizen as a verb, not a birthright or a legal status. To citizen, I citizen, you citizen, we citizen. US based but explores a wide range of relevant topics. The current season is Creating a Culture of Democracy; season 3 was Using Tech to Citizen. Starts Aug 2020. Stopped being made in May 2023. Plus resources.

DemocraciasOS:Digital tools designed for citizens to participation in government and public institutions

Southfest responses on selection criteria for elected representatives:Defining MLA role from a citizen perspective

Project for public spaces: A North American nonprofit planning, educational and design institute aimed at helping people create and sustain public spaces to build stronger communities.


Last Update: 25/04/2024
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