Change the Political System

Other groups and people are working on lots of the issues that need to be addressed to help Australian governance be good.

You may want to link up and support those peoples efforts.

These are some of the organisations:

for good Government – getting corrupting influence out of politics.

Australian Democracy Network works to tackle corporate capture of politics. They focus on How we win.

#OurDemocracy: an Australian Democracy Network campaign to remove commercial interest from undue influence on our political system. Donations reform, Political advertising reform, …

Transparency International Australia is the Australian branch of an international network that seeks to expose the systems and networks that enable corruption to thrive, demanding greater transparency and integrity in all areas of public life.

Centre for Public Integrity is an independent think tank dedicated to preventing corruption, protecting the integrity of our accountability institutions, and eliminating undue influence of money in politics.

for good Government – improving accountability and quality of government.

Open Government Australia: an international community of people inside and outside governments around the world committed to promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption and harnessing new technologies to strengthen governance.

Other resources and information sources.

Museum of Australian Democracy exhibitions explaining how Australian democracy works and where ideas for what might change might be found. is a huge collection of material that pertains to the Australian political scene over decades.

There are many other issues and groups active in this space; please let us know of any so we may add them.

reform transform: looking for Australian groups who are taking action in each area.

A further list of relevant issues can be found on the main Alliance website here and here.

Last Update: 28/01/2022
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