How representative democracy works

Governing, elections and things to know about how representative democracy works

Finding out about how government works


General information designed for schools which is a neat summary; from the NSW Parliament. Applies generically for all Australian parliaments.

Have a look at the Animal Kingdom videos.

Museum of Australian Democracy : in Old Parliament House. How our democracy is and how it could be.


Finding out about Elections


The Australian Electoral Commission website has lots of information. The section Learn About elections contains sections on Delivering an Election, Voting and the Government, and For educators.

Of particular interest there are pages for:

Their Information Centre also has lots of useful details.


Australian Capital Territory

The Elections ACT is the body who runs elections in the ACT.

Their Education Section has a wide set of resources.

More specifically they produce Factsheets on various aspects of how the electoral system works in the ACT.

Of particular interest they explain the ACT’s Hare-Clark voting system.


About how the ACT Legislative Assembly works.

The Legislative Assembly website has a set of Resources in the Visit and Learn section.

Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement 2016

Australia leads the world in elections

Salter 2020 Australian democratic reforms that led the world.


Participatory Processes

Stories of Participation

Participedia: Strengthening democracy through shared knowledge: a list of hundreds of participatory experiments and experiences across the world.

Living Room Conversations: Open your ears. Open your mind. Open your home.




Selection by Sortition


Some general interest reading lists

Resource booksThese are actual books that we have in our collection. Current at October 2020.

General governance and democracy reading list of interesting background articles.


Last Update: 07/11/2020
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