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Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenny is a twice-weekly podcast produced by Policy Forum at Crawford School of Public Policy in partnership with The Australian National University. Each episode, host Professor Mark Kenny, Australian Studies Institute, takes a look at politics and public affairs, with expert analysis and discussion from researchers at The Australian National University and beyond.

The Remakers podcast. Australia ReMADE’s podcast has a fascinating series of discussions and interviews across a wide range of sociopoliticoeconomic topics..

Juice Media for an irreverent and spicy look at current politics in Australia and beyond.

Crazy Town From the Post Carbon Institute (go to Products/Podcasts). How our crazy works and how to change it to one that supports humanity and reveres nature.

Democracy Rising A series of conversations on deliberative democracy: how it works and examples of it working. By Resilience.org of the Post Carbon Institute.

 How to Citizen. Imagine citizen as a verb, not a birthright or a legal status. To citizen, I citizen, you citizen, we citizen. US based but explores a wide range of relevant topics. The current season is Creating a Culture of Democracy; season 3 was Using Tech to Citizen. Starts Aug 2020. Stopped being made in May 2023. Plus resources.

Let’s Get Political podcast (this on Podbean but your favourite app should have it) aimed at younger people. It was designed by Skye Riggs and Stacey June. Skye had a website, Y Vote (now defunct). The podcast ran in the weeks before the May 2019 election with the intent of educating people on Australian politics. It is still relevant. Perhaps worth sharing with your younger family members and associates.

Independents CAN – an Alliance of Independents. They aim to build a New Political model to support Independents to get elected into Australian politics and bring democracy back from the two party system we currently have. And they have a podcast in which they interview notable political figures about how to mend democracy. Active in 2021.


Last Update: 25/04/2024
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