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Democracy – a dip into the political science

Democracy through multi-body sortition: Athenian lessons for the modern day. represents democracy as a representative system while making a new model of lawmaking using multiple allotted bodies which resolves these dilemmas and which can be implemented in many ways in addition to the existing system of fundamental reform

Is democracy possible? The alternative to electoral politics : is a book by the Australian philosopher John Burnheim which outlines an alternative to electoral democracy.

Roslyn Fuller’s books, Beasts and Gods: how democracy lost its purpose, and In Defense of Democracy, give a sweeping analysis of what is wrong with democracy today and how we might improve it. Sorry no links; you’ll have to use a library. Roslyn in an Irish author and Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute. The Institute’s purpose is “to research and to further understanding of alternative democratic practices. In particular, the Institute looks at ways to deepen participation beyond elections and to substantially increase the number of people meaningfully involved in political decision-making.” Key words: beyond elections, participation, direct democracy.

Democracy in an age of corporate colonization makes a significant contribution to the current debate about the place of discursive practices in social institutions by focusing on work organizations and relationships. It fills a gap in research on social institutions and human emancipation by centering communication as a way of understanding/conceptualizing the institutions and social relations under investigation.

This study attempts to reconcile competing positions in the debate over whether democracy improves human development by showing that some aspects of democracy–but not others–affect human development.Electoral democracy and human development

How Australians Imagine Their Democracy: The ‘Power of Us.’ A Democracy 2017: This Democracy 100 brief compares our findings with data derived from the pre-event survey of what you think about Australian democracy, its core values, strengths and weaknesses and areas requiring renewal.

After a critical examination of competing definitions of economic democracy why the market subverts democracy argues that, contrary to popular opinion, the market system undermines both economic and political democracy in a number of ways.

Examining thirty-six democracies during the period from 1945 to 2010, Lijphart arrives at important―and unexpected―conclusions about what type of democracy works best.
Patterns of democracy: Government forms and performance in thirty six countries

Pettit develops a highly original account of the rationale of democracy, breathing new life into democratic theory On the peoples terms; a republican theory and model of democracy

Enacting democracy involves adopting a reflexive and procedural perspective, which puts a premium on democracy as sensitive to context, open-ended, productive and adaptable.


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