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Getting The Best From The Government

Active participation Starting your own activity A guide to writing an effective letter to a parliamentarian: The write stuff – a guide to getting ready. Starting a conversation with your friends and neighbours on an issue of important to you.   See the other sections in this part of the … Read More

Starting Your Own Activity

Active participation Starting your own activity Living room conversations:A simple method to connect across politics, age, race nationality among other connects. Kitchen Table Conversation (KTCs) to improve public awareness on politics. A demo on implementation of dynamic facilitation Harvest from DCF demo

Establish Community Democracy

Establishing democracy within a community Citizen Councils in Austria, a slide show on implementation: Citizens councils (Vorarlberg Bürgerräte). Democracy 76 ways for citizens to civically engage is a book on civic engagement and effective methods to glue together the government and its people.

Federation Reform

Federation reform Reforming our Democracy: options for renewing democracy in Australia. A list of reform options.

Participating Citizens

Participating citizens DemocraciasOS:Digital tools designed for citizens to participation in government and public institutions Southfest responses on selection criteria for elected representatives:Defining MLA role from a citizen perspective Project for public spaces: A North American nonprofit planning, educational and design institute aimed at helping people create and sustain public spaces … Read More

Active communities

Active communities for change Implementing the ask ” how to improve community participation” agreed upon by CAPaD and the community councils in 2017 through Action Groups- Urban Planning Kitchen table conversation methods developed in kitchen tale conversations explanation. Project for public spaces: A North American nonprofit planning, educational and design … Read More

CAPaD’s theory of change

Our theory of change CAPaD seeks to harness the power of ordinary people to work with government to achieve responsive, accountable and transparent public policy and implementation, to change the current dynamic of powerful political parties, vested interests and deliberately confusing public information which result in community disengagement from politics. … Read More


Advocacy for change Governance reform transform:A list of ideas to incorporate changes to governance, parliamentary and electoral systems that can protect and strengthen the democracy of Australia. A handbook for community organizing, creating a community project, change, participation and deliberation.:The citizens handbook. How to influence policy? is a report is … Read More

Models and theories of change

What other groups are active on change to strengthen democracy? Transformative change How to talk about democratic reform: a guide to changing the story: A research conducted by an alliance of Australian civil society organizations led by the Australian Conservation foundation to help understand effectively about government, democratic participation and … Read More

Creating change

What other groups are active on change to strengthen democracy? Organizations facilitating participation and deliberation: A list of organizations facilitating participation and deliberation. What exciting major governance transformations are people thinking might really help make the world a better place? Participatory budgeting Deliberating for sustainability analyses the practice of participatory … Read More

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