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Hare Clark System

  The Hare Clark system of voting   The text explains the definition principles and processes of Hare Clark voting in Australia and specifically the ACT set of resources available by the legislative assembly on elections DACT election resources Theoretical understanding of general elections: Is democracy possible? The ACT electoral … Read More

Electoral systems

The Australian Electoral Commission website (2012) has lots of information. The section Learn About elections contains sections on Delivering an Election, Voting and the Government, and For educators   Electoral Systems

The workings of the Australian Government

The text explains the key workings of the Federal government. It digs deeper into the types and forms of legislative, executive and judiciary systems in Australia that play a key role in identifying, updating and developing laws consistent with the community idea of democracy. Federal Government- Executive How is the … Read More


Types of Government Democracy – a dip into the political science Democracy through multi-body sortition: Athenian lessons for the modern day. represents democracy as a representative system while making a new model of lawmaking using multiple allotted bodies which resolves these dilemmas and which can be implemented in many ways … Read More

What is governance and democracy?

Governance and Politics Finding out about how governance Three forms of Australian government defines and explains the three forms of representative government in Australia. The online portal of the museum The Museum of democracy shares stories of Australian democracy . A glossary of governance and democracy : a page with … Read More

The three levels of Government in Australia

A brief summary explaining the three forms of representative government in Australia in at poster and in more detail on the Australian Electoral Commission website (which links to lots of other material).    

The Australian Experience

Manfred Hellrigl: YouTube of his talk “Local development and empowerment, methods and inspiration” at Göteborg 2012, describing practical developments with citizen participation (modeled on Wisdom Councils) in western Austria. A summary of the “Bürgerrat” [Citizens’ Council] approach from Vorarlberg, Austria. NewDemocracy Paper: Citizens’ Councils: What are they, and why are they so … Read More

Things CAPaD is doing

More information on CAPaD’s activity is available on the main website here.   Raising awareness of new ways for representation Awakening Democracy by Robust Representation – Pearls and Irritations article by Peter Tait, Beth Slatyer, Sue Ingram and Bob Douglas, 2020. To achieve CAPaD’s aim of trusted, accountable representatives engaging the … Read More

How representative democracy works

Governing, elections and things to know about how representative democracy works Finding out about how government works   General information designed for schools which is a neat summary; from the NSW Parliament. Applies generically for all Australian parliaments. Have a look at the Animal Kingdom videos. Museum of Australian Democracy : in Old … Read More

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