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Identifying change

What major topics for change have been identified? Electoral Reform Citizen Review of 2017-18 participatory deliberative processes in the ACT: A reflection of experiences of the ACT government with their deliberation experiment. Federal Anti-corruption Commission Government reform- Australia- anticorruption: List of government reform to initiate anti-corruption in Australia. Referenda – … Read More

Informing of government decisions

How can people inform government decisions? OECD 2001 Kseibert citizen commission is Ksieberts take on establishing a citizens commission which’s responsibilities can be defined parallelly to the productivity commission.

Making government policy

How can people help make government policy? Citizens’ councils : what are they, and why are they so popular in Austria is a new democracy paper on citizens council An OECD handbook on information, consultation and public participation in policy making:OECD 2001 Citizens as Partners Handbook Innovative Citizen Participation project … Read More

Voting to create a stronger democracy

How can you make your vote help make democracy stronger? Citizens’ Juries &Mini-Public Evaluation:CAPaDs evaluation of the ACT CTP citizens jury and carer stratgey panel and advocate for more trials An Ecology of representation is a report by Peter Tait on representation in a participatory democracy and its transcendence over … Read More

Electorate Mobilization

How can you be an active citizen? Community Organizing A guide for citizens to take collective action against pollution and destruction t build a better world: ACF_Community_toolkit_Fix_the_system_web.pdf Active Electorate Groups See Salter 2020: A third domain of political engagement See the Active Democracy Australia site for more information on setting … Read More

Community Organizing

How can you be an active citizen? Community Organizing Innovative citizen participation and new democratic institutions is the OECD review of international experiences of citizen deliberation. Sydney Alliance:A diverse coalition using community organizing to make Sydney a better place to live The Australian democracy network is a network aimed at … Read More

Resources for being active

How can you be an active citizen? Resources available Active Democracy Australia aims to encourage and enable voters in every federal electorate to form an electorate action group, through which, together, voters in your electorate can improve how you are represented. ACT active citizens kit: An information kit to guide … Read More

Roles of citizens and of the community

How can you be an active citizen? Role of citizens and of the community Rob Salters video on Revitalizing democracy A paper offering ideas of how to facilitate better relationships between representatives, Rob Salter’s paper on electorate level mobilization at a community level. The list introduces civil engagement in democracy … Read More

Creating an Active government

How can you make government work for you and your community? Active governance Awakening Democracy by Robust Representation focuses on the question “how can we elect political representatives who are committed to the interests if the community?” The Democracy 76 ways for citizens to civically engage:The list introduces civil engagement … Read More

Selecting good representatives

Sites to help select between candidates Smartvote Australia: a website matching citizens to candidates who share your opinions. A tool developed to explore how the views of citizens align with those of candidates Vote compass. A website making elections simple by connecting voters and candidates Vote Easy. Open Australia aims … Read More

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