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Trends in satisfaction of Government and Democracy

Dissatisfaction with the Government The text examines the current and future aspects of democracy Centre for the future of Democracy. : Work at the Centre for the Future of Democracy explores the future challenges and opportunities faced by democratic politics. Towards an inclusive democracy : is a critique of Marxist … Read More

Podcasts – listen to ideas on better democracy

Independents CAN – an Alliance of Independents. They aim to build a New Political model to support Independents to get elected into Australian politics and bring democracy back from the two party system we currently have. And they have a podcast in which they interview notable political figures about how … Read More

Democratising economies

Many organisations are working at improving democracy from an economic angle; or might it be they are making the economy democratic? To truly be in the service of the people, the people should control the economy. The New Economy Network Australia is a network of organisations and individuals working to … Read More

Change the Political System

Other groups and people are working on lots of the issues that need to be addressed to help Australian governance be good. You may want to link up and support those peoples efforts. These are some of the organisations: for good Government – getting corrupting influence out of politics. Australian … Read More


Views and Musings CAPaD created blogs A deep understating and analysis of CAPaDs 2020 Election strategy:Awakening democracy by robust representation.

Media Appareances

CAPaD in the media CAPaD’S forays into the news and other media are maintained on the main website here. We are also active on Twitter and have a Facebook group.    

Deliberate ACT

Awakening democracy Deliberate ACT Academics, community organisations and the ACT government explore how citizens and governments can better deliberate, decide and collaborate. The purpose was to try to establish a deliberative community of practice in the ACT. An overview can be found at DeliberateACT-A year in review results. Deliberate ACT … Read More

CAPaD created material

Views Periodic insights and ideas from CAPaD bloggers.   Awakening democracy – CAPaD newsletters Awakening Democracy is CAPaD’s regular newsletter that keeps members and supporters up to date with events, news and views. Access all Awakening Democracys here.

Governance and Wellbeing

A roundtable conference reiterating trust issues with respect to the government while agreeing that it was the backdoor to several other issues:ACT well being indicators-Peter Tait report Feedback on Governance session. The ACT wellbeing Index is an index created and texted in the ACT to gauge the degree/level of democracy … Read More

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